Retriever Training St. Charles, MO

Sorenson Kennels offers four different Hunt training programs to fit the needs of every hunting dog.

Retriever Training
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Puppy Head Start Program

The Puppy Head Start program is designed to introduce young dogs to the concept of retrieving. During the head start program your young dog will be introduced to birds, water, and gun fire. The puppy will also be introduced to the proper obedience commands. Age requirement for this program is 13 weeks to 6 months.

Basics/ Gun Dog Program

During the Basic Gun Dog program your dog will learn all the basic necessities to be a good hunting companion. During the basics program your dog will learn how to deliver bird to hand, retrieve long land and water marks, and be steady to the shot. Your dog will also be collar conditioned to all obedience commands. This program is mandatory three months.

Transition/ Advanced Training Program

This program is designed for dogs that have completed the basics program. The transition/ advanced program is made for dogs that want to compete at higher level hunt tests or if you just want a finished gun dog. During this program your dog will learn how to perform a blind retrieve, mark multiple birds, and will be exposed to more challenging concepts.

Pre Hunting Season Tune-Up

This is designed to get dogs ready for the upcoming hunting season. If your dog needs some reminders of their basics or just needs to get in shape, this is the program for you. Your dog must have completed basics to enter this program. The Tune up is a minimum of one month

Please contact us for more details and pricing for all programs.

Tom Sorenson

Over the years the late Tom Sorenson developed more than fifty field trial champions. As a winner of the National Field Trial Championship, he was elected in the prestigious National Retriever Hall of Fame receiving the AKC Lifetime Achievement Award in performance. His commitment to a higher standard of quality dog training and customer satisfaction stands true today. Tom is deeply missed by his customers, family and his many friends. Tom’s grandson, Cody Sorenson is following in his footsteps and is now the head Hunt Trainer here at Sorenson Kennels.