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Sorenson Kennels offers 3 different types of kennel setups in St. Charles for our customers to choose from based on the needs of their pets. We also offer St. Charles dog daycare options.

Sorenson Kennels Dog Boarding
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Indoor Dog Kennels

  • Each kennel is 5’ x 17’ – which consists of a spacious 5’ x 5’ sleeping area & a 12’ x 5’ indoor exercise run
  • Whole 5’ x 17’ run is climate controlled
  • Has radiant heat in floor
  • Has many skylights and windows to bring in natural light
  • Indoor set-ups have large ventilation systems
  • Two dogs from the same family can comfortably stay in the same run

Indoor / Outdoor Kennels

  • Each kennel is 5’ x 17’ – which consists of a spacious 5’ x 5’ indoor sleeping area & a 12’ x 5’ outdoor exercise run
  • The sleeping area is heated and air conditioned
  • Outdoor portion is under roof and screened-in for additional security

Dog Daycare Indoor Kennel
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Puppy Suite, Sorenson Kennels Dog Boarding
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Puppy Room Suites

  • Each suite consists of a 5’ x 5’ climate controlled area
  • Price includes 3 playtimes / potty breaks per day
  • Suites are a quiet area that is perfect for small dogs or first-time boarders

Bathing (extra charge may apply)

Because we fully understand the importance of keeping your dogs comfortable and looking their best, we provide state-of-the-art bathing services. Our “Hydro-Surge” bathing tubs keep your pets calm and content during their bath, ensuring a pleasant experience.

High-velocity dryers are used to do a thorough job quickly and our final “brush out” rids your dog of any excess hair and matting that may have occurred. When you take your dog home just leave all that extra hair with us!

Sorenson Kennels Dog Boarding Bath
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As the pet owners option, individual playtimes are available for all the dogs. We have seven big fenced in yards for our guests to run and play. Playtime provides one-on-one interaction between staff members and your pet(s). It is also a great way for the active dogs to burn their extra energy. Each playtime is approximately 20 minutes long.

Pick-up & Delivery Service

Pick-up and delivery services are available. We will also take your pet(s) to the airport and handle all of your shipping needs too.

Please view our Rates + Requirements for more information.

Sorenson Kennels Dog Pick-up & Delivery Van
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