Dog Training

Don’t let man’s best friend turn into a source of stress. At Sorenson Kennels, we have the professional dog training you need to help your puppy or dog become the companion you always dreamed to have!

If you’re looking for dog training in St. Charles, you came to the right place. Our staff includes some of the best dog trainers around and they are eager to solve your four-pawed problems. Whether you just brought a puppy home or want to teach new tricks to your old dog, we are your best choice for canine training in the St. Louis area! We offer group trainings as well as private training sessions.


Dog Obedience Training

Golden Retriever at Obedience Class

When it comes to changing bad behavior and teaching obedience, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. And that’s why our canine trainers recognize that each dog is different and needs customized obedience training. Whether it’s teaching basic skills, like sitting on command or de-programming bad habits built through the years, like biting the leash, our canine trainers use positive motivation to get rid of your pet’s negative personality traits.

Moreover, years of practicing canine obedience training in St. Charles County have taught us the importance of owners’ involvement. So, not only will we teach your dog but will also give you the tools you need to communicate with your dog like a true alpha.



Hunting Dog Training Classes

Retriever Training

Whether you have a dog that is starting from zero, still learning basic skills, or is needing a tune-up before the season begins, our seasoned dog trainers will spare you mid-hunt frustrations and guarantee that you and your dog enjoy your time together next hunting season.

Retrievers, like people, need to sharpen their skills every once in a while. Otherwise, basic skills can make way for bad habits. At Sorenson Kennels, we know how important off-season retriever training is for your dog’s performance. So, if you were looking for ground-up hunting dog training—or even just a refresher—our gundog trainers have the experience needed to make a skillful hunter out of your retriever.



Puppy Training

When it comes to canine training, the golden rule is that the sooner you start the better! Whether you want a champion retriever or simply a dog that will behave when there are guests in the house, our professional full-service puppy training in St. Charles will shape your puppy’s behavior to meet your standards.

Just drop off your puppy at our beautiful St. Charles dog boarding facilities for two weeks and let our experienced puppy trainers use positive reinforcement methods, like food treats and games, to capture your puppy’s fleeting attention and build good manners.



Professional Dog Training

Are you tired of your dog’s bad behavior? Don’t let your furry friend’s poor manners spoil your relationship. Our facilities located in Defiance is convenient for all dog owners in the St. Louis area! Contact us today to have our expert dog trainers at your disposal!

Dog at Agility Training Course


Dog Training FAQs

How does the dog training program work? Will it help with separation anxiety?

Here at Sorenson Kennels, we offer board and train style programs. This means that your dog stays with us at our St. Charles kennels while we are working your dog through their program. This helps to get your dog out of their home environment where they can still get into those bad habits and completely immerse them in learning their new habits.

By using the board and train style, we are also able to help your dog through their separation anxiety. We do this by getting them out of their comfort zone and showing them that the world around them is not that scary and they can be a part of it. At the end of their training, we have you, the owners, come out for lessons so that we can then transfer these new rules to you, so you know how to maintain these rules and new confidence at home.

What training methods are used?

We use a balanced training method. That means that we teach your dog both a “good” and a “no.” Every time your dog does something we like that we want to encourage, we will use “good” and give them a reward (paycheck) whether that is a treat, petting, or a toy. When your dog does a behavior we don’t like, we will tell them “no” and give them a correction (speeding ticket) using either a pinch collar or a remote collar.

What are tips for introducing new dogs to each other?

When introducing your new dog to your first dog, it’s important to watch how they communicate with each other. Dogs, unlike people, communicate with their body language. When introducing two new dogs, do it in a neutral area, like going for a walk around the neighborhood or a park. This way, the first dog doesn’t feel like someone is invading their space. If you notice your new puppy is being too much for your first dog, it’s okay to remove the puppy and occupy them in a new way, like playing with a toy. Let both dogs drag a leash for the first couple of days that way, you have an easy way to remove either dog from any situation.

Situations to always monitor: Feeding time, giving treats or chews, and playing with toys. Your first dog is used to not having these behaviors interrupted, so for the first couple of days, it’s important to keep an eye on the new puppy so that they don’t push too many boundaries with your first dog.